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How to Feel Victorious

13 April 2022

Your Triumphant Shout


When you feel great, you’re rarely silent!

You may shout any of these:

Woo Hoo!







We even talk about the roar of a triumphant crowd.


When Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem, the crowd shouted, “Hosanna!” which means, “Save us!”  It can be a plea to save us but more often it is used as a shout of joyous praise to celebrate God’s activity of Salvation.  This was the way the crowd was using the word on Palm Sunday.  They thought God was in their midst, leading the way to Salvation.


They were right… though not in the way they expected.


“Hosanna!” is a great word of faith to shout out loud!


Making Sense of Faith

Imagine being there as Jesus rode in as King upon a symbol of peace – the colt of a donkey.  Aggressive rulers would ride in on a horse, complete with their army streaming out in front and behind them.  The Prince of Peace rode in on a donkey with an army of praising people in front and behind.


If you and I were there we would have used all our senses.

We would have heard the roar of the crowd shouting, “Hosanna!  Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!”  We would have heard our own voices joining in.

We would have seen the Lord on His donkey, and we would have also have seen the crowd, the movement – such as the waving of the Palm branches and the dancing of those celebrating.  We would have seen and felt the warmth of the sunshine.  We would have smelled the foliage and what it was like to be surrounded by all those hot bodies.  Would we have tasted dates from the Palms?  I’m certain we would have been thirsty.  Our jaws would ache from smiling and laughing and shouting.


God has designed you to remember events and feelings by reliving the same senses.

Recalling the breeze caused by the waving palms would take you back to that time.

Hearing, “Hosanna!” could also reconnect you with the memories of this great day.

Any of your five senses can take you back to another time and replay the feelings you had about that time.


Your Rechargeable Battery

Your brain is like a battery charger and your memories are rechargeable batteries.

We can use this to deliberately feel amazing.

Think about the triumphant entry again.

They were feeling amazing… and at the same time they were waving Palm branches.  This means that the next time they see or feel a Palm branch, they will remember the last time and how they were feeling.  The neuroscience is often explained with this phrase: “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”


You Can Feel Victorious

If you’d like to feel victorious regardless of your circumstances, you can by charging your, “I Feel Victorious,” battery!  Let’s use VHF – Vision, Hearing, Feeling.


What image or series of moving images would you associate with feeling victorious?

What would be your Victory Shout or Victory Song – the soundtrack to your triumphant success?

And what gesture could you make to remind you of victory?


I’m choosing, “Hosanna!” as my shout, the Palm leaves as my image, and waving my hand as the gesture I can feel.


Sir Winston Churchill famously used his fingers as ‘V’ for ‘Victory’.  “Victory,” was his shout.


Chose an image, a sound or a song or a saying, and an action that for you will forevermore mean ‘Victory’.


Remember a time when you felt victorious.  Relive that memory.  As you begin to feel the buzz of success, see your image, make your sound, and do your gesture.   This tells your brain to use these three sense triggers as reminders.  It ‘wires’ them to the feeling… eventually.


You are now at the beginning of a rewarding, long and significant journey.  Every time you feel victorious, remember your image, your sound, your physical action and link this new victory to your existing memories.


The more you practice this, the more you will learn how to charge up your battery.  The powerful experience then follows when you are facing a challenge that feels anything but victorious.  In this moment of trial, see your image, make your sound (like a Victory Shout), and take your action.  With only a little practice, your brain will learn to deliver up the feeling of victory when you see, hear, and feel your steps to Victory.

If you think this all sounds too weird, watch Wimbledon this year.  Many of the players will have little habits that help them feel confident.  They may bounce the ball an ‘unnecessary’ number of times.  They may look like they are adjusting their strings (which are impossible to move).  They may blow on their finger-tips or on the ball.  All this reminds them to have the mindset of a champion, a victor.


I leave you with this thought: many of the words you use are charged with feelings.  When you say, “Amen!” you say it with feeling, and every time you do it with feeling those feelings get stronger.  “Amen!” is the sound of certainty!


Make friends with, “Hosanna!” and other victorious words.  Say them with passion and conviction and notice how you begin to feel more and more triumphant!



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