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Great Prayers to Prayer - Episode 1

03 April 2022

[Today's prayers were originally written and led by Donalda for our Mothering Sunday Service.]


We quieten our minds and open our hearts, we come as we are to pray.

John’s gospel says: - ‘Lord, show us the Father, this is all we need’

Loving Father, free our minds to hear what you have to say , encourage us to be open to receive your message to us in every aspect of our lives.


You bear us, sustain us, and love us.  You have given us life.

May we live as Your body, loving, caring, reflecting Your glory, offering hope that all might know the freedom and joy of Your presence.


Isaiah wrote that God is a mother to us, comforting and carrying us in her arms.


Creator God, on this Mothering Sunday, we thank you for the gift of mothering which you have bestowed within us all.

Mothering God, your protection surrounds us taking away all our worry and fear.

Nurturing God, may we always believe you, trusting your promise you’ll always be near. Giving us the example of unconditional love.


There are times when the darkness threatens our faith in the truth of your love.

Bring us out of the darkness, come to us then with the power of your Spirit, holding each other in love's warm embrace.

We are thankful for the people who mother and nurture us to grow in faith and wisdom.

Those who care for us, who sit by quietly, supportively when we make our own mistakes, who are willing to forgive and encourage us.


There are so many concerns for our world at this time. For all those conflicts  in many countries no longer making the news: 

  • Yemen,
  • Afghanistan,
  • North Africa,
  • Palestine/Israeli
  • Apartheid and others.

We pray for the people of Ukraine and Russia, all charities, agencies and countries involved in giving help and assistance to so many who have lost their homes, living in shelters, needing food, water and medical aid. Fearful of what tomorrow might bring. Protect those who yearn and deserve to live  in security and safety: we long for and pray for peace in our world. 


You spoke through your prophet Isaiah, when weapons of war would be beaten into ploughshares, when nation will no longer lift up sword against nation, we pray that this day will come.

We give thanks that we can all practise your mothering gifts as we love and grow in this family of the church.

Here we can learn to be welcoming and comforting, to share our experiences, to listen to each other and to grow in grace and love.

Hold in your hands, Lord, our families, friends and neighbours, those we meet on the streets, those whom we worry about and those who worry for us

And in these same hands, hold all for whom today has brought new burdens, further insecurity and hardship with the rising cost of living, just trying to get through one day at a time.

We pray for all experiencing illness, loneliness, anxiety, those who live in fear, without hope, without love.

May they know your comfort and loving arms around them


We pray for Skinner Street and Wareham church sharing our pastorate.   

We pray for all Churches in this town, a time of change for some.


We pray for the Lent Lunches supporting Christian Aid’s invaluable work throughout the world wherever there is a need, including Ukraine at this time.                 


We thank you that we are your children, called by name, called even before we were formed in our mother’s womb, called into your world-wide family which we are so much part of.


We thank you for always holding us in the palm of your hand.

Each and every day, let us always be ready and open to hear your voice and to guide us in all we say and do.





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