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Earth Day 2022

21 April 2022

Earth Day 2022


April 22nd is a day of massive action all around our precious planet.  It has been named, “Earth Day,” every year since its launch in 1970.  As a member of an Eco Church, you’ve heard of the environmental movement. EarthDay.Org is the greatest contributor to the cause, drawing recruits on a massive scale.  Collaborating with over 75 thousand partner organisations, in more than 192 countries, there are now more than 1 billion people like you and me who are making a difference.


Earth Day represents an excitingly creative, innovative, inclusive community of like-minded transformers – all focused on positive outcomes for our planet. 


As a consumer, your buying choices influence retailers. 


As a voter, your vote can steer Government policy. 


As a member of the local community, you can unite with other planet-savers on projects that enrich our shared environment.


What can we do?

We believe that a green future is a prosperous future, and so we can all play a part in this partnership for the planet on a daily basis.  This is because improving the environment comes down to daily choices and actions.


Here are some ideas to get us started with what EarthDay.Org call, “Acts of Green”:

  • Choose Fairtrade
  • Make one of your meals today a plant-based recipe
  • Fight fast fashion by choosing sustainable brands instead
  • Join local community groups who are part of the Great Global Clean-up
  • Plant a Forest with the Canopy Project on the EarthDay.Org site
  • Learn about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
  • Download one of the many free toolkits
  • Check out – an organisation that helps organisations give generously to projects that create future hope
  • Make an Earth Day poster with your children, and so spread the message.



If you’d like to learn more, you can attend Friday’s online summit on climate restoration, sustainable agriculture, social justice, plastic pollution, and many more Earth shaking topics.  It’s called, “Nature in the Race to Zero,” and you can book here:


I'm looking forward to Coffee@112 on Earth Day, and to chatting through these topics with you.



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