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April Pastoral Letter from Simon

01 April 2017

Dear Friends,

As some may remember, last month saw my dear wife, Jilly’s, birthday. And, as part of the celebrations, we tried something different and new; at least new to us. We went to the ballet, or to be more exact we went to see ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ which was performed at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. However, we saw it on the big screen, as it was relayed live to the cinema in Dorchester.

Now this was a new experience for both of us and, I must admit, that I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Those who know me well will realise that I’m not built for ballet, or indeed for any other sort of dance for that matter. So, with some trepidation, I went along thinking, if nothing else, it might be a couple of hours R&R in the warm atmosphere of the theatre.

However, from the first moment I was hooked, the great music, the colourful costumes, the amazing skills of the dancers and of course the wonderful company all combined together to make it a fabulous event.

For me it was something very new but something I really enjoyed. This month, we celebrate that which is central to our faith; Easter Day is on the 16th and, on that day we, along with countless other disciples, will proclaim ‘Hallelujah Christ is risen’. It’s going to be a glorious day; whether the sun shines, or the rain pours, we will celebrate the glory of the risen Lord. I hope everyone will join us, particularly for our early morning Sunrise Service on the beach. (6.00 am Easter Day 16th April)

However, it would be so easy just to view Easter as something we’ve experienced so many times before that it doesn’t merit our full attention or indeed enjoyment. My prayer is that Easter will be a wonderful new experience for everyone.

I pray that we will meet the risen Lord afresh and anew with renewed commitment and dedication to serve. I’m never going to be a ballet dancer, but I can enjoy the ballet as a member of the audience, a spectator if you like.

However, as disciples of the risen Christ, each of us is able to become fully involved, not just onlookers or spectators. This year’s Lenten York Course was entitled ‘Receiving Christ’ and I pray that everyone will receive the risen Christ and find ways to respond to our calling in His service.

Yours in the risen Christ,




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