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An Exciting Place to Be

02 March 2022

@112 - our shorthand description of 112 The High Street - home of Swanage United Reformed Church - a lot can happen in a single day.  

I returned to Lytchett after a long day packed with exciting and compassionate activity.  Here's what happened in one day.

The Tuesday Breakfast Show on Purbeck Coast (which I usually host) highlighted the compassionate collections St George's were making for Ukraine.  Knowing that many people would find it hard to get their donations up to St George's, we became a collection station for this great initiative.

When I arrived @112 in the morning after the Breakfast Show, the Vestibule was already filling up with duvets, pillows, toiletries, clothes and other gifts for our neighbours fleeing Ukraine.


While Eddie, Paul, and I were rehearsing for a forthcoming service, more and more people with generous donations arrived.  Meanwhile Anne and John Squires were getting ready for the St David's Day lunch to be followed by the group Bible Study.  The Primary Room looked wonderful with a couple of tables brought together for the fellowship meal.  Anne and John's gorgeous table cloth was the subject of many compliments.


While I dashed off to discover just how wonderful St Mary's School is - meeting with Rebecca Meteau - the celebration of St David's Day got underway.
In Acts, in the Bible Study afterwards, the power of fellowship, of meeting together, and of sharing was clear from the text.  It was great to share so many insights with one another, and I was blessed to be able to pop in at the end.

While Anne and John and the team were tidying up, it was lovely to see a local resident enjoying a few minutes peace in the Sanctuary - particularly lovely given the state of the weather.  John and Eddie were busy shuttling donations up to St George's.


Next up was preparation for the Brownies, Guides, and also the town band with Jay Buckle.  I was invited to be tech support for the Brownies and Guides as we reflected on World Thinking Day and then got down so some serious dancing!  Whilst technically in the tech support role (that's a lot of tech), I thought it only right that I have a go at learning some Flamenco moves too - after all, one has to leave one's comfort zone.  I'm not sure who found it funnier - me or the astonished Brownies.  Things went from good to great as the scent of pancakes wafted in from the kitchen.  We were ready... and we weren't disappointed!


I left the Guides to repeat the fun the Brownies had enjoyed, and was treated to the background sounds of Jay's band rehearsing classics like, "Fly Me To The Moon," while the Guides were learning the moves to some Street Dancing.  The energy and excitement was tangible.


This is what happens @112 - fun and engagement at varying paces for all ages and interests.

All in all, a great place to be.


@112 for

  • showing compassion for others
  • collaborating in making a difference
  • putting worship into practice
  • celebrating together - great days like St David's Day
  • feasting together
  • studying together
  • fellowshipping together
  • uniformed organisations like the Beavers, Brownies, Guides, and Scouts
  • learning together
  • dancing together
  • and sitting quietly to reflect and pray when that's simply perfect for us






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